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  • Virginia Campus

  • Carolinas Campus

  • Auburn Campus

  • Research

    Students and faculty are actively involved in clinical and international research programs, developing innovative methods to improve the quality of life for patients and communities. With a broad range of faculty-supervised research opportunities, students work to further the College mission of improving healthcare for those most in need.

  • Outreach

    Each year, VCOM students and faculty provide care to thousands of patients in underserved areas both locally and abroad. Opportunities to assist patients in VCOM’s clinics in the Dominican Republic, El Salvador and Honduras allow students to gain unique and beneficial hands-on experience.

  • Academics

    State-of-the-art facilities in classrooms, research, anatomy labs and high-tech simulation provide a first-class setting for medical education. VCOM students begin with a desire to help others, and through the College curriculum, outreach opportunities, student organizations and clinical training, discover a lifelong mission of service.


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